This internationally award-winning series is a dramatic, slice of life, sci-fi web series focused on the interactions between an eclectic waitstaff in purgatory tasked with providing each patron passing through with their final supper, a positive experience, and pleasant sendoff. ‘Here’ is a place where a job is expected to last for an eternity – until the world and people its employees know begin to fall apart...

"Created by Olivia Baptista and Diane Chen, this 20-episode web series serves up provocative commentary on the complexities of the human condition sans the cynicism and pretentious, murky mythology plagued by similar genre dramas like LostThe Leftovers, and The OAHere We Wait is accessible because its diverse cast of talented young actors bring to life characters who wrestle with personal foibles and life's unending questions in a way that feels real and resonant." - The 7th Matrix
 "..the fluidity of the series and the cast dynamic is a rare find. Audiences will be captivated by the storylines and focus on each core character, who all hail from different time periods, as they work in the restaurant helping those who have passed get to their final destination. It's morbid, it's funny, it has a kickass intro and it's witty. Get to watching now!" -
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"A show about a waitstaff, loaded with the dramatic urgency of an ER on a spaceship under attack" -