A proud native of the Garden State, Olivia went on to study at LAMDA and Dartmouth College  – the first in her family to get a college degree –  before jet setting off to teach Shakespeare in Bosnia & Herzegovina with the nonprofit Youth Bridge Global. It was through that experience that Olivia saw firsthand the impact art – whether it visual or performance based - can have on even the smallest of communities. That experience was also her first taste at real world producing. And she loved it. 

As an actor/producer, she is lucky and proud to say all of her films have been to festivals, and that a few have even found successful distribution deals. Most recently she won Best Actress in a Feature Film at the Endless Mountain Film Festival and was nominated for the same at the CHAIN FF in NYC. 

She loves all things “genre” (Orphan Black, Firefly, Black Mirror...) and strives to be a part of off-beat stories with compelling characters that keep viewers coming back. As a producer, she is determined to bring high concept ideas to life on low budgets - with the hopes of wide exposure so that markets thirsty for high-quality content can get it

When Olivia is not acting/writing/producing/ nerding out/traveling, she can be found at a café with an espresso  & red wine in front of her.

Diane Chen is a NYC based multidisciplinary filmmaker and theater artist, and co-founder of Multihyphenate Productions (MHP). As writer and actor, her short films have screened at Sundance and Toronto International Film Festival. Directing work includes MHP’s first comedy short film WAKING UP, as well as theater throughout NYC. 

In all her work she strives for striking visuals and stylistic movement and framing, and to tell the stories of the othered and underrepresented. Her goal for her artistry is to be aware of social responsibility and intersectionality of representation in anything she pursues, and for audiences to be able to look at her work through a critical lens. 

Education: Dartmouth College, LAMDA, BLCU. 




Amber H. H. Porter is currently the company's Managing Partner for business affairs.  

Amber's foundational work experience includes Arts Administration at the Hopkins Center of the Arts and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, as well as Stage Management at Dartmouth College, New York Theatre Workshop, Classic Stage Company, and Lincoln Center.  At Dartmouth, Amber built her own major in Theater modified with Leadership to prepare and catapult her into creative leadership in the entertainment industry at large.

Amber hails from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

HERE WE WAIT (2016): Casting Director

DROPPING IN (2017): Screenwriter