Here We Wait: Episode 13: "Full of Life"

Jake's patience is running thin. Pietro confides in a resistant Andie. Charlie says something she probably shouldn't have. And Thalia makes a big move.

Here We Wait: Episode 12: "A Win-WIn"

The staff adjusts to some reassignment. Boy's state raises some serious problems. Thalia is offered a deal.

Here We Wait: Episode 11: "Rockets Away"

Rachel and Pietro have some fun with alcohol, Jake takes a violent turn, and Thalia loses her footing. 

Here We Wait: Episode 10: "Find Your Glitch"

A staff meeting results in a promotion, and Pietro takes issue. Here has an unexpected and potentially dangerous visitor.

Here We Wait: Episode 9: "End This War"

A battle of aquatic nature catalyzes relationships within the waitstaff. Gideon shows up just in time. 

Here We Wait: Episode 8: "Making Pictures"

Jake confides in Thalia and Boy talks to a Patron. Thalia confronts Andie and Charlie opens up to Kylie. 

Here We Wait: Episode 7: "Don't Look at Me"

Jake starts to worry about the state of Here, realizing that the imbalance in the system still exists. The waitstaff starts to question each other’s motives.

Here We Wait: Episode 6: "Thick as Thieves"

Rachel and Kylie disagree, and people take sides. Andie, Pietro, and Jake take a newfound energy in training Charlie; Pietro notices something weird. 

Here We Wait: Episode 5: "Rookie Mistake"

Rachel puts on her trainer hat, Charlie's put to the test, and Boy does something off-limits.

Here We Wait: Episode 4: "Fascinating Creature"

Charlie learns about the world she's landed in. Andie and Thalia butt heads.

Here We Wait: Episode 3: "Sparkling Perhaps?"

A new recruit to the waitstaff appears.

Here We Wait: Episode 2: "Not Siv Anymore"

The rest of the waitstaff is left with picking up the pieces after their leader - Siv's - disappearance. 

Here We Wait: Episode 1: "Siv"

The shift leader of Here's waitstaff makes a mistake that has rather monumental repercussions. 

Here We Wait: Episode Infinity: "Waiting" 

A "day" in the world of Here